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North Miami Beach, FL 33162

Franchise Information

GoldFather now makes it possible for you to be a part of the exciting precious metals trading industry. We are the gold buying leader in the Baltimore Maryland area, and now we have created a franchise program that allows others to join in this business. Our comprehensive training and support system provides a franchise opportunity unlike any other including:

Franchisee Support:
Franchisees receive support every step of the way. Our marketing program will direct you in advertising in your market during your grand opening and throughout the year, ensuring that when people think about selling gold they think GoldFather. An extensive pre-opening, opening and on-going training program ensures that you receive the support that you need with every operational aspect of the business.

Precious Metal Trading:
GoldFather’s success begins with our professional and trustworthy approach to gold and coin trading. Our business is geared toward a specialized service, increasing demand and a simplified operation – it the perfect business combination. GoldFather has created an ideal business model that allows you to join this dynamic industry.

Training Systems:
With our experience in the industry we have created systems for every part of the business. Regardless of your knowledge and experience in precious metals, we can teach you all that you need to run your GoldFather business.

No Inventory:
Unlike other retail or restaurant businesses, with a GoldFather franchise there is no inventory to carry. This keeps your startup and operating costs lower and eliminates the risks of future mark downs and obsolescence.

Store Management:
Our precious metals trading point of sale software tools automate and simply your business allowing you to define spot prices and automate the percent of spot prices you will pay. It also allows you to audit your inventory and assets easily, monitor your employee transactions and prevent employee theft. Whether you have one store you are running yourself or a number of stores, GoldFather’s systems provide you the tools you need.

Requested Info

We specialize in buying diamond engagement rings and a wide array of diamond and gemstone jewelry pieces. We buy loose gemstones or stones set in any type of jewelry. If you have a diamond certificate and/or appraisal for your item, kindly bring them with you. Although they are not required to sell diamond jewelry, they will help with the value appraisal of your item.

Diamond Rings
½ Carat and Larger Diamonds
Colored Diamonds

We buy all types of gold jewelry in yellow gold, white gold and other fancy colors like rose gold or green gold. We also buy gold nuggets, gold coins, gold cutlery and even dental gold and scrap gold. Your gold necklace may be broken but it can still be worth a good amount of money. Bring it to us. We accept gold jewelry in any condition!

Bullion & Ingots

Silver Eagles, Gold Eagles,
Gold Pandas
Maple Leafs
Gold Buffalos
Early US Gold Coins Cents, Nickels and Dimes
Wheat Pennies
Buffalo Nickels
War Nickels, Quarters,
Half Dollars & Dollars
Peace Dollars
Morgan Dollars
Draped Bust, Carson City Mint, Walking Liberty
Proof Coins & Proof Sets
Barber & more US Mint Products

We buy all types of Platinum & Silver.

Flatware & Tea Sets


The Gold Father

1621 NE 163rd ST
North Miami Beach, FL 33162